Sandboxx Studio is an innovative music and production studio. It is a unique atmosphere where artists can express their talent in a stimulating environment. It is the ideal destination for an artist to record, produce music, and receive expert guidance. Furthermore Sandboxx Studio is a production house for commercial and audio needs, creating custom sounds for your brand or business.

The studio opened in 2004 and quickly proved to be a successful and groundbreaking destination for artist of all types. The studio, located in Michigan, moved to Berkley from its prior destination in order to benefit the creative and talented city and provide for them the ultimate music studio.

Beyond the studio’s evident state of the art equipment and comfortable recording atmosphere, the staff and music engineers are truly pioneers of music and have exceptional knowledge of the music world, of technologies, and of the latest trends that dominate within the music world.

The fun and inspiring environment facilitates hard work while enjoying every second of it and ensures that every artist is satisfied and happy with their work. Sandboxx Studio is without a doubt a one of a kind place.

The D-MAN Foundation

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