My Home Detroit City Banner

“My Home Detroit City” was produced by legendary bass player, T. Money Green, and veteran producer, Nabil “Sandman” Ansara. This song is a way for artists to collaborate and express their feelings about the city they love, Detroit.

The project consists of local Detroit artists and musicians: Aaron Taylor, Pierre Anthony, Chrissy Morgan, Skigh, D. Allie, Steve Caldwell, Gary Strauss and Randy Leipnik. If you’re an artist yourself, download the instrumental version and create a version of your own.

Special Thanks: Sandboxx Studios in Berkley, Michigan, United Sound Systems in Detroit, Michigan, Studio A in Dearborn Heights, Michigan and Stevie Soul

Project Supporters: J. Nicole at Neihule Salon, Los Angeles, California, Dr. Gail Soo Hoo and Richard (Dude) Wilson