Recording Studio – State of the art recording Studio with an experienced and knowledgeable staff. We provide every artist with expert guidance and professional recording, mixing and mastering. Recording booth is 6ft x 10ft and can comfortably accommodate a drum kit.

Music Tracks – Sandboxx Studio provides music tracks to be used for recording and producing, and also offers sessions to help artists create customized tracks.

Original Music – We offer original music to be used for movies, instructional videos, commercials and web videos.

Jingles – We create catchy jingles for commercial advertising needs. Every jingle is exclusively created to establish a brand image.

Rehearsal Space – Sandboxx studio has a 25ft x 25ft space. Perfect for band rehearsals, photo shoots, film scenes, audition space, talk shows, acting classes, pod casts, and green screen filming.

DJ Services – Professional and experienced DJ for all our your event needs.

DJ Lessons – “The school of scratch”, started by DJ Sandman offers DJ and music production classes for students of all skill levels.

Voice Over Lessons – Whether you are a beginner or advanced, we offer lessons to improve or begin your career. We also create voice over demos.

Dance Routines/Fitness – We offer splicing, mixing and mashing of songs to be used for dance routines and in fitness classes.

Professional Lighting РSpecial Lighting for all Events. We specialize in up lighting, spotlighting &  active dance floor lighting.